Cross Timbers own Rotarian Zena Amer was the program speaker at the regular weekly meeting held on November 15th.  She reported on her experiences in Columbia in cooperation with the "Seed Programs International" organization.

Cross Timbers Rotary Club initiated its seeds program by shipment of vegetable seeds to Guatamala through the Peace Corps. Since that time, Zena recently completed her second ambassadorial trip, lasting a month, to Columbia to distribute packets of vegetable seeds and provided training material to school children, orphans, families and community groups enabling them to grow vegetable gardens. The vegetables produced are a rich source of important vitamins and minerals often missing in the diets of the poor. It is both self-help and cost effective as people receiving seed do all the work. The program enhances people’s self-esteem while boosting their teamwork skills. She is also working with various Rotary clubs in that area of Columbia.

Rotary involvement with the "Seed Programs International" can be found by clicking on the following address: