ImageCross Timbers Rotarians and their friends volunteered at the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank on September 10th.  They put together food packages for Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).  Over 16,000 lbs of food was packaged, which is equivalent to 12,355 meals!  Thanks to Jenny for chairing this event and to Leah for pictures and bringing her non-Rotarian friends to help.


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The Commodity Supplemental Food Program  is a unique collaboration between  federal and state agencies, public and private organizations.  The USDA purchases specific nutrient-rich foods at wholesale prices for distribution;  state agencies such as Department of Health or Department of  Human Services provide administration and oversight;   local communities and faith-based organizations warehouse and distribute food.  Due to this unique collaboration, Commodity Supplemental Food Program reaches out to even homebound seniors and provides them with vital nutrition.


What goes into a typical food package?   


Dry Milk

Fruit Juice

Tuna Fish




Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Peanut Butter - See picture below, President Sara loves peanut butter!