Tuesday, July 6th, Rob Norman presented Scholarships to three Norman High School students.
The students were Serenity Houck, Modeline Pock and Noel Mena.
Travis Humphrey is our resident Spanish speaking club member. He sent this message a few days after the meeting:
At our meeting last Tuesday, I was able to hold a wonderful conversation with a scholarship recipient (Noel) and his family. Noel's parents spoke Spanish, so I was able to speak with them about their children. The mother cleans homes, and the father cleans cars. They were so elated to know that their children who have the desire to go to college can have the means to do so. The father was so appreciative, he wants to send in a small donation to go towards future scholarships. The mother shared her sincere gratitude, and stated that we are helping fulfill her dream of seeing her children have a better life.