Norman Rotary clubs hosted this year's Rotary Youth Exchange Reunion Camp for 26 outbound students who studied abroad during the 2010-2011 high school year.  Reunion students attended from the South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) Program which consists of 15 states and 36 member Rotary districts in the south and central part of the country.  The reunion camp is designed to assist returning students adjust to being back home, share experiences, and allows returning students to enjoy fellowship with other students who attended a SCRYE outbound camp prior to starting their year abroad.  They were joined by five Youth Exchange (YE) alumni called ROTEX who meet for fellowship or to support YE programs through promotion and involvement in YE orientation.

Cross Timbers Rotarians Leah Irish (Cross Timbers Youth Exchange Officer) and Jeanne Giles helped provide lodging for three SCRYE adult leaders from other districts who participated in the camp during the weekend of August 5th in Norman.  Club members Leah Irish, Beverly DeWitt and Russ Davoren attended weekend sessions.  

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D5770 clubs sponsored three long-term outbounds to Argentina, Brazil, and Switzerland.  One short-term student went to Chili.  Sponsoring clubs were Elk City, Norman, Norman Cross Timbers, and Norman Sooner.