Tuesday, June 22, The Cross Timbers Rotary Club returned to The Rotary House after a year of absence due to COVID
The club dedicated our Peace Pole.
During the meeting, we inducted our new officers and board members for the new Rotary year.
Peace Pole Information:
How did we come up with the idea?
The idea originated from Phil Moss, our now current president of the club. Phil gathered a small group of Rotarians - Joe Gil, me, Sara Kaplan and himself - at his house. He presented the idea of Cross Timbers pursuing the designation of a Peace Builder club. This designation within Rotary coincides with one of the pillars of Rotary, and Phil asstutely recognized the need for promoting peace in our current civil and political climate, both nationally and locally. The small group consisted of past president, current president (me), future president (Phil), and president nominee (Sara), so we were able to formulate a three year effort to not only become a Peace builder club, but to continue this effort beyond 2020. We decided that a peace pole, something suggested by Phil, was a great way to start this initiative as a club. We then presented the idea to the club and there was unanimous approval. 
What does it represent?
 The peace pole is a silent prayer. It is an ever present vigil in our community, reminding us that in our diversity of culture and language, we are united in a common goal and hope - peace. The pole represents that despite all of our differences, we are a community of peace. 
What languages are on the pole?
 There are nine languages. English, Spanish, Cherokee, Arabic, Chinese, Braille, French, German, and Vietnamese. 
During our meeting, we inducted our new officers and board members.
Dr. Phil Moss is our incoming President. Past District Governor and long time member and friend of the club led the induction ceremony.
Our new board consist of Club Treasurer and Past President, Travis Humphrey, Club Secretary, Patricia Billingsley, Club President Elect Nominee, Rob Norman, Club President Elect, Sara Kaplan and Club President, Phil Moss.
Club Directors are C.E. Jones, Archie Buendia, Marilyn Kaplan and Peggy Moss.
During the meeting, Joe Gil presented a Certificate of Membership to our newest club member, Melissa Klink. WELCOME TO OUR CLUB, Melissa!